Let’s Begin. Who should be your Mentors?

Making sure you start with the right mentor is key.  After you are signed up, you will receive an email and text message from founder, Rudy Chavarria Jr, welcoming you to CWM. Together you will set a day and time for your 30 min screening chat.

In the call, you will discuss:

  1. What is your current student status?

  2. Your goals in and out of college

  3. Your passion and your future

  4. Are you hire ready?

  5. Are you on Linkedin?

  6. What is your network strategy?

  7. Do you have a standards list?

  8. Who are your current mentors?

We encourage you to invite other classmates, friends or family members to participate in the 30 min call. “The more the better” is Rudy’s motto.  After the call, Rudy will have a better understating on how you need to be mentored. As founder, Rudy personally knows each mentor. You may start out being mentored by Rudy for 3 weeks, Silver Calzada for 2 months, 6 months by John B. Jackson, and one year with Kyle Eckermann. With the assessment call, you are guaranteed the best mentoring possible.


Mentor Screening for the Best Match

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