Welcome to the College Web Mentor coaching selection. Below is a list of topics that will appeal to those just getting started. Members will also enjoy the added benefit of a discount when they purchase any of these coaching sessions. As a member, you can always chat with your mentor about these topics. However, if you want to go into greater depth, take a course.


Getting Started:

Don’t Know Where To Start?

CWM is here to help you find the direction you are looking for. In this powerful program, your coach will help you identify what it is that motivates you. Together the two of you will recognize and set new goals. With the experience and one-on-one guidance of your coach, you will chart a path to realize your dreams.      

Career Opportunities:

What Are My Career Options?

Here CWM asks you the specific questions that will get to the core of your passions, talents and definition of success in life. How important is money to you? Do you value security or adventure more or hope to balance the two? Do you find your greatest purpose in work, or do you derive greater satisfaction from other aspects of your life? If you could do anything and get paid to do it, what would you do? Find answers to these important questions.

College Opportunities:

Am I Choosing The Right Major and Campus?

Will that major translate into the future job and career you want? Is that major alone enough to secure that future or do you need more - more education, more experience, more connections, more supplemental skills and talents? And even after you pick a major, how do you find the college that is the right fit? How do programs in the same major differ from college to college? What other differences matter when you weigh the plus and minuses of each college?

Career Counseling:

Am I Taking The Right Classes?

Are you taking advantage of the amazing diversity of knowledge and experience college provides? Even if you go in with a major in mind, maybe a different path you hadn’t considered will ultimately bring you greater happiness and success. Will you give yourself every opportunity to find your true niche? Our mentors will dive into the schedule you are following and advise you where to begin.

Affordable University:

How Can I Pay For School?

Paying for school has multiple options. What ones are you currently looking into, and do you have a few options? Have you done research to see what you qualify for in grants? Loans? Will you work part time when you are in college?

Advanced Confidence:

How Can I Strengthen My Confidence?

Confidence is something that we all wish we had but sometimes struggle to attain, especially when it comes to adapting to new situations and developing new skills and habits. Our mentors have different tactics, examples and methods to share. Once the right process is found, support and repetition will build and strengthen their confidence.

Advanced Focus:

How Can I Improve My Focus?

Focus can be augmented by using some simple techniques. With repetition, change will occur. This change must be supported. CWM helps you find and choose which techniques to implement in daily life.

Internship Pro:

How Do I Secure An Internship?



Internships have always been an excellent opportunity to gain real experience into potential career opportunities. Work with a mentor to best prepare yourself to get the internship you want. A mentor will help you create a compelling cover letter as well as touch up your resume. You want to be extraordinary! You want to stand out from the rest. Your mentor will help you bring out your very best. Once in the internship, your mentor will help you milk it for all it’s worth!

Linkedin Pro:

Is Linkedin Important?

Here CWM adopts the motto ‘It’s not about what you know but who you know?” Most professionals today use Linkedin as the platform to network and find job opportunities. Learn the strategies that have proven to gain results from a true Linkedin expert. Our mentors will guide you step-by-step to create a professional Linkedin profile to position yourself for success.