Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all mentors the same price?

No. College Web Mentors have different levels of experience. Some have more than others. We only work with the best mentors that have a proven track record and recommendations from students they have mentored in the past. The CWM mentors with more experience and recommendations are more costly. Our CWM Master Mentors have the most experience and recommendations, and they may be published, or authors in their subjects. For that reason, they are master mentors. We want to make sure we have mentors that fit all budgets. If you don’t know what mentor is best for you and your budget, we suggest you start with the assessment for only $49.95. (LINK)

Keep in mind, that we are not just mentors. Most of our mentors offer coaching classes. You have to ask your mentor about their availability for coaching.

2. I’ve had help from mentors on campus. What should I expect to be different from College Web Mentors?

As you know, a full time campus mentor is stuck with in the realm of their campus. This is both a positive and negative thing. Let’s start with the positive. If they weren’t good at what they do, they wouldn’t be getting paid to teach you at that campus. The negative is they are at one campus, and their current position possibly conflicts with any outside campus involvement. For example, if you are an Entertainment Marketing major student at UC Riverside, but you need to mingle and network in West Los Angeles, you would benefit from having a mentor who graduated from USC, teaches one class a once a week at USC in the evening, but works for a major entertainment company in Hollywood during the day. Right? Granted not all our mentor who work in Hollywood teach, but they are in the business. This is just an example of why a College Web Mentor would be advantageous.

Each mentor has a specific way of mentoring with students. The best place to start is with an assessment for only $49.95. This will ensure the best mentor without any guessing on who is best for you.  In the assessment, you will be informed on what to expect from your mentor. For example, if you need a mentor that will give you that extra push, or one that doesn't need to “check in” with you, the assessment will place you with the right mentor.  

Keep in mind, like everything in life, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. For the best results, Those who get the best results are receptive to feedback and open to doing the work after the session is over.

3. This is an investment I can’t really afford. Can I get a full refund if I’m not satisfied?

This is an investment of time for all of us. College Web Mentor was created to help students up their ladder of success. Watch out CEO’s message here. For us, the less mistakes you make in life, and the faster you rise, is a reflection of our mentoring. If you are not happy, we are committed to resolve any issues you may have. And we will do this immediately. You can email our customer service here:

4. Do the services (LinkedIn & Resume Review, and Recommendation Letter) take a long time to complete?

No. Again, keep in mind, mentors are not parental guardians. Meaning, mentors make suggestions and guide you to make changes, but you will have to do the work, meet set deadlines, and accomplish scheduled goals. Note the number of edits allowed for the service you have purchased. An average of 1-2 weeks is usually what it takes to complete a task.  

5. Once I book a mentor, can I start immediately?

Absolutely! Immediately after you sign up and book a session, the mentor you’ve chosen will contact you via text message, DM, phone call or email. It depends on how you want to be contacted. If you booked the Assessment plan for $49.95, Our founder will call you text, DM or call you personally within 24 hrs. Our mentors usually respond the same day you’ve booked. If you do not hear from your mentor, please contact us immediately. Sometimes life gets in the way of things and there may be an emergency. You can contact us here:

6. Which mentor should I be working with?

Everyone is different. That’s the given. However, in college the questions and needs are about the same. The goal is to pair you with a mentor who has the most experience in the field you are studying. The mentor will share with you “real world” experiences and stories that will encourage you or help you realize if that is what you want to do as a career for the next 40+ years. The mentor will make suggestions and help you make decisions. They will help you realize how to organize your career at different stages in your life. It’s best to start with the CWM Assessment for only $49.95 to let our staff find you the best mentor(s) to start with.

7. If I’m half way through my session or service, can I cancel?

You can, but a refund will be given for the sessions that have not been completed.   For example, if you purchase services or a package from one of our mentors that has: resume help, Linkedin help, Interview preparedness, or help finding an internship, and ONLY the resume help was completed, then you will be refunded for the remaining services. Not the resume help. This includes all private mentoring and coaching sessions offered by our mentors. Please make sure to communicate with your mentor at all times regarding comments, concerns or an issue you are NOT happy with. Doing this will guarantee your complete satisfaction with College Web Mentor. Again, we will work with you to get the issue resolved amicably. Please note: The Assessment session for $49.95 Can not be refunded.

8. If I am not happy with my LinkedIn, resume or cover letter, can I get a FULL refund?

If the final version has been sent to you, regrettably, no refunds will be issued. The mentor you are working with should be able to provide a resolution for you should an issue arise. Again, communication with you mentor/coach is imperative.

9. What if I want a refund?

The bottom line is we want you to be satisfied. If you call (323) 638-9267, or email us at before the mentor you selected, or a CWM staff member contacts you, you are entitled to a full refund. No problem. However, if you were contacted before you decide to cancel your order, you will not be entitled to a full refund. The decision to be mentored is not an easy decision. Especially, if this is your first time, and you don’t have anyone helping you already. Think about your decision before you place an order with us, take your time. It can be overwhelming. If you are not satisfied with CWM, we will contact you to figure out what we need to improve on, and discuss a refund with you. However, we do have a few standards for which constitutes a refund. Especially, if it’s written final drafts. If there are grammar and spelling mistakes on our part, this includes, but is not limited to inconsistent tense or formatting, We will provide a refund.  However, drafts, this includes working drafts, that have the aforementioned errors on our part, do not constitute a refund. They were not the final drafts.

10. If I am not happy with the first drafts on my LinkedIn, resume or cover letter, can I get a refund?

If you are not happy with your first draft (s), this includes, but is not limited to, Linkedin, resume please contact us immediately upon receiving the first draft from you mentor/coach at:, and forward us the draft in your email. We will contact you first and then issue you a 50% refund after we communicate with you about this issue.

11. If I am not happy with my mentor can I get a refund?

If you are not happy with how your first communication with your mentor/coach, please email us: immediately after the call. We will issue you a 90% refund.