Don McCrea


Perfect Mentor For Students Interested In: 

- Strategic Management
- Career in Philosophy
- Career in Mathematics

- Entrepreneurship
- Business Consulting


Claremont Graduate University, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.), Strategic Management

Humboldt State University, Bachelor’s degree AB Mathematics

University of Michigan, Master of Science, Mathematics




Don McCrea, PhD has consulted with both major global corporations and small and mid-size businesses in a variety of leadership capacities. He is an original thinker who envisions what could be, develops the appropriate strategies, and leads the implementation. He is an influential leader who values diversity, cooperation, and teamwork—and the significant resulting benefits. He has an innate capacity to attract and make the most of synchronicities and to see connections and synergies among seemingly diverse components, systems and people.

Don is a deep thinker. Always looking towards the light. Digging deeper for an understanding is a great way to describe Don. Cheers Don! Thank you for being a part of the College Web Mentor team.